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Team Structure


Proposed Team Structure

Sub-Team Divisions

  • Drive Sub-Team (2-4)
  • Manipulator Sub-Team (2-4)
  • Programming Sub-Team (1-3)

Special Roles

  • Captain
  • Art/Communications Rep

Drive Sub Team 

Purpose: Part of the team will be dedicated to the driving portion of the robot. The base of the robot is important for a defensive strategy. This competition is not about “battle bots” but a few seconds of pushing is allowed in competition and can cost point. This part of the team needs to layout the defensive strategy.

    • How many wheels?
    • Turning? Tank Drive? Omni?
    • Height? Weight?
    • Most effective gear placement?
    • What is the defensive strategy?

Manipulator Sub Team

Purpose: Part of the team will be dedicated to scoring points. Each challenge has a series of ways to score points, by accomplishing tasks. These tasks could include following lines, IR signals or determining weight and moving objects. It’s important to select a few ways to collect points, not all. This part of the team is in charge of figuring out how to win, the offensive strategy.
    • Arm? Wrist? Hand?
    • How will this attach to the drive base?
    • Height? Reach? Collapsible?
    • Most effective scoring mechanism?
    • What is the offensive strategy?

Programming Sub Team

 Purpose: Part of the team responsible for all of the software writing and sensor utilization. These members have the most difficult task, to write a program for a hardware system (robot) that will change every time the other team members do their work.

    • Write controller code for driver.
    • Which sensors are useful? Placement?
    • How does software integrate with bot?
    • Most effective automation code?
    • What is the autonomous strategy?

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