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New Rules 2013


Allowable Purchase Parts [Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS)]:

a. Linear Slides
b. Non-motorized Turntables and Lazy Susans.
c. Lead Screws and threaded rod plus compatible nuts.
d. Servo blocks (e.g. ServoCity Part # SB608SH and SB609SH), shaft adaptors, servo arms, ball links, shaft clamps
e. #25 or #35 chain with associated links.
f. Timing belts of any size and pitch.
g. Gears of any size and pitch, including non-circular gears such as rack, worm, bevel, etc.
h. Sprockets of any size and pitch.
i. Pulleys including sheaves, timing belt, etc.
j. Springs of any type and material (coil, extension, compression, leaf, etc.) that are used in a safe manner.
k. Fasteners of any size, including nuts, bolts, screws, shoulder screws, washers, spacers, shaft collars, shaft couplers, rivets, Velcro, etc.
l. Bearings of any type and material. Including bushings, roller bearings, etc.
m. PVC, CPVC, PEX piping and fittings.
n. Extruded or T-slot aluminum construction material along with all compatible brackets and fittings (i.e. 80-20, Macron Dynamics, etc.).
o. Wheels of any type up to 4” diameter. Wheels that have exposed features likely to cause damage to field and/or game elements are not allowed.
p. Allowable COTS parts may be acquired from any source and in any quantity.


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