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Learning to Program with RobotC

 “We fail to realize that mastery is not about perfection. It’s about a process, a journey. The master is the one who stays on the path day after day, year after year. The master is the one who is willing to try, and fail, and try again, for as long as he or she lives.“    – George Leonard




Basics & Setup Learn how to install RobotC & Virtual Worlds. This is a summarized refresher of variables, loops & logic
Functions & Scoping Functions are the most useful tool in a programmer’s toolbox! This explains what they are & how to use them.
Sensors [Part 1] How to code motor encoders, gyro sensor & color sensors in RobotC.
Sensors [Part 2]
Code Performance


 For Requests or Questions Contact:

      raymond.moore301 @ gmail.com


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